Rosie Jon | artist, inspirational speaker and writer

Born uniquely without arms, Rosie is not ordinary, so instead, she chooses to be extraordinary rather than ordinary.  By sharing her story of courage, perseverance and faith combined with her unique gift of painting, Rosie hopes to inspire others to find freedom in discovering their own God-given gifts and talents that can be shared with the world for a purpose-driven life.

When she is not painting with her toes, you will find her embracing motherhood, keeping up with her two energetic young boys and baby girl, serving her children’s elementary school community as PTA co-president, teaching primary school kids (K-2) in Community Bible Study and working on her own children’s novel.

Rosie is a British-born Korean living in the USA.  After studying maths and computer science at Imperial College London, she pursued a career in computer animation/visual effects for Film and TV until married life took her to New York City.

Through the We Want More Ministry, Rosie discovered her calling and has been on a mission to touch as many hearts around the world.  She is immensely excited about this new chapter in her life and looks forward to what creative visions are in store for her next!

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