artsmart workshop with 4th graders….

painting self portraits with greens farms school 4th graders

what a wonderful way it was to take a leap of faith and shine light during this Christmas season by being a guest artist for a 4th grade artsmart workshop at greens farms school!

i invited the children (and their teacher Mr. Chip!) on a challenge to join me in painting their self-portraits with their toes and then they had to sign their names on their artwork with their toes too.

it was an insightful afternoon for all — learning how to be brave, try something new and not give up. we all worked together, with some needing a helping hand from a friend or two (by holding each other up to balance as they painted), and we all had an extraordinary experience together!

this is what my friend Anne Craig had to share about the experience:

She came to my daughter’s class showing them how she does her own self portrait and asked them to do the same. The students struggled with balance and leaned on each other for help doing their best to paint how they see themselves. Their teacher Mr. Chip even got in on the challenge.

Afterwards Rosie let the kids ask her questions. One girl bravely asked, “Was it hard for you in school without having arms (she paused) did others kids treat you for being different?”

Rosie told them ‘difference is what makes us all beautiful. Like the colors in a sunset, each different color adds to the overall beauty.’ She let them know that each one of their own unique differences added beauty to the world. Rosie told the class she viewed being born without arms as a gift, not a disability. Then they asked her what restaurants she likes. It was so sweet, they quickly saw Rosie was just like them, no more questions about her challenges just about what she loves about life.

It was a classroom lesson truly special to witness. Thank you Rosie Jon for what was an experience the students will surely carry with them for years to come.

(with my dear friend, Anne Craig and her budding artist daughter)

Thank you for having me, keeping shining your light!


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