riding the waves….

the past two months have felt like a season of tsunami waves crashing against me one after another.

i won’t go into all the details because i don’t want to use this platform to over share or draw too much attention to the negative. but let’s just say that it has been a season of growing pains; and i will call it growing pains because with any kind of adversity that i am faced with, i know that my heart is on a journey of learning to let go —and making room for more love, more understanding and more compassion.

lately, i have had to come face to face with some tsunami waves of the enemy of lies, deception, confusion and destruction. but in the midst of all of this, i have realised that i can ride these waves and rise above the surface with more faith and more confidence in my Rescuer. after all, if i don’t have the faith and confidence in conquering these waves, then i am doomed to being crushed by fear.

so why do bad things happen in life?

or is it a matter of us changing perspective and seeing these “bad things” as an opportunity to see how faith moves mountains? and see God’s rescue hands at work?

i know that i am not alone. He has scooped me into His hands to ride the waves without fear. so for now, i am okay not knowing exactly where these waves are taking me, but i am learning to enjoy the ride. and i will keep my feet steady in faith, believing in the rainbow of promise that awaits me at the end of the storm. because whether you believe it or not, God is good — He always is.

[rainbow illustrated by my 6yo z]

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