happy passover & easter….

even in the darkest times of darkness, God is good — He is light and He is love — when we unlock His full power within our own hearts, that’s when love conquers all and love does.

¹ ᴾᵉᵗᵉʳ‬ ‭³:¹⁸⁻²² ‭(TPT‬‬)

“Christ suffered and died for sins once and for all—the innocent for the guilty —to bring you near to God by his body being put to death and by being raised to life by the Spirit. He went in the spiritual realm and made a proclamation to the spirits in prison because of their disobedience of long ago. For during the time of Noah God patiently waited while the ark was being prepared, but only a few were brought safely through the floodwaters: a total of eight souls. This was a prophetic picture of the immersion that now saves you—not a bathing of the physical body but rather the response of a good conscience before God through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is now in heaven at the place of supreme authority next to God. The very powers of heaven, including every angel and authority, now yield in submission to him.”

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