virtual event with Seoul Foreign High School….

[image capture from live zoom presentation]

My first event for the New Year 2022 was a virtual presentation for Seoul Foreign High School’s monthly Community Time (assembly).

As an alumni of the school, it was an honour to “meet” the students and share my story of courage, perseverance and faith combined with my gift of creativity.

One of the questions I was asked was, “How do you deal with the negative emotions that come with trial and error?

My response was as follows,

“For me, my faith plays a huge role in that. Turning to prayer and turning back to the core of who I am — doing a “heart check” often because it is so important for us to check our hearts and make sure our spiritual and mental health is in the right place as well. It is really important to prioritise self-care. So for me, everything goes back to the heart — is my heart in a good place? If not, then I have to take care of myself.”


I hope my story inspired them to choose courage, love and kindness and I look forward to painting for them live soon!

[image credit: @seoul_foreign_school and @sfs_alumni]

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