“beautiful gifts of love”

“ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛɪꜰᴜʟ ɢɪꜰᴛꜱ ᴏꜰ 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒” painted by the toes of Rosie Jon (in collaboration with @aapiwestport) | 36” x 24” Acrylics, alcohol inks and mixed media

i got to take part in our town’s first ever AAPI live art & music event at our town’s Museum of Contemporary Arts — my first public event since covid and my feet were back on fire (quite literally too because of the extreme heat wave)! 🔥

painting at AAPI Westport’s family event at MoCa [photo credit: @deniselao]

after a heartwarming performance by the talented Broadway star, Stacie Morgan Lewis (who played Glinda in Wicked), the children and families were directed to gather around me next, unbeknownst to what my heart had in store for them.

first, i asked them to all close their eyes and take a moment to seek the voice of their heart by asking their own heart,

“what gift do i have to share with others and the world?”

then they were invited to write on the plexiglass panel what those gifts were, before i let my toes do the magic of creating the final masterpiece.

some of these words of truth included, “gift of love”, “my family”, “creativity”, “music”, “seeing the good in everyone”, “to make people happy”, “positivity”, “to be kind to others” and “compassion”.

oftentimes in our lives, it is hard to find a moment of stillness and take the time to listen to the voice of our heart that speaks truth. for me personally, as a mum of three children, it is not easy to find time to be still. but when i do get to be still, i get to understand who i truly am and what purpose i have in living in this world.

the world we live in is not perfect, it is perfectly imperfect. and it is each and every one of us who adds beauty to this broken world. we can help heal and mend those broken pieces by choosing to love one another, by treating others the way we want to be treated, by being more in unity with one another and by embracing togetherness and oneness that we can continue to work towards having through faith, hope and love.

we all have gifts and the power to make a difference by choosing to act with more compassion, empathy, love, encouragement and goodness that come from our hearts. and it is by sharing our beautiful gifts of love with others that we get to add beauty in this world!

Romans 12:6-8 (TPT)

“God’s marvelous grace imparts to each one of us varying gifts. So if God has given you the grace-gift of prophecy, activate your gift by using the proportion of faith you have to prophesy. If your grace-gift is serving, then thrive in serving others well. If you have the grace-gift of teaching, then be actively teaching and training others. If you have the grace-gift of encouragement, then use it often to encourage others. If you have the grace-gift of giving to meet the needs of others, then may you prosper in your generosity without any fanfare. If you have the gift of leadership, be passionate about your leadership. And if you have the gift of showing compassion, then flourish in your cheerful display of compassion.”

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