“flowers and butterflies”

© copyright 2017. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

“flowers and butterflies” painted by the toes of Rosie Jon (in collaboration with 3-5yr old preschoolers) | 20″ x 10″ Fluid acrylic, acrylic inks and mixed media

The children each held a crayon or marker pen between their little toes and were asked to draw a line on the canvas.  Although they were only 3-5 yrs old, they were not afraid to take on the challenge and did brilliantly!  I then used my toes to complete the art by using my paints and inks.  And at the end, the children got to add a sparkling “gem” onto the canvas before I finished it with my sparkling touch.

The children’s lines are the stems of flowers and the gems are the butterflies on the flowers.

Just like how the seeds grow and flowers blossom, we go through changes and growth that take us through our own “metamorphosis” in life.  And by becoming who we were born to be, we can be like a beautiful butterfly that flies freely through the fields of flowers.

May our children continue to grow and be nurtured with love and truth to transform into beautiful butterflies!

© copyright 2017. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

[painting with the toes of preschoolers]


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