it is so easy to complain, worry and be anxious about things in our daily lives. i have my fair share of moments when i’m tested of my faith and sanity too, especially in the hours from 4-6pm (lol).

but one thing i know for sure is, that as soon as i find something to be thankful for in that moment, peace and joy start to take over the distress and trial with a light that starts to reveal that the lens of my life’s viewfinder just needs a good clean.  the light not only overcomes the darkness, but it actually spots what’s obscuring my view and allows me to do something about it.  for me, i choose prayer and thankfulness (and sometimes a bite of dairy milk chocolate!)

i want to be intentionally thankful in times that are easier to complain, worry and be anxious.  so for this month of november, i am going to challenge myself to make it a thanksgiving month by posting pictures of what i am thankful for for each of my children everyday on my instagram.  my hope is that this will encourage myself and my children to be thankful even when it’s hard.

please feel free to join me on the challenge with hashtag #iamthankful2016andmore…. thank you!


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