my extraordinary mother….

© copyright 2016. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

[picture taken by my 3 year old]

this is my extraordinary mother.

my three year old grabbed hold of my iphone and snapped this picture of me while i was breastfeeding baby z and my sweet mother jumped in to make sure i was decently covered!

many years ago, this incredible woman entered motherhood where her world was literally turned upside down the moment her first child was born. and that child would be me.

my story didn’t begin with a picture perfect birth story.  in fact, my mother sat in her cold and isolated hospital bed in cardiff, wales for ten days after i was born, waiting and waiting for the day she’d be discharged from the hospital that felt like prison to her.  all she wanted was to go home with her baby girl while the doctors tried to find answers to questions that really did not matter to my mother.  all she wanted was to take her baby girl home.  her heart was broken for me.  her poor little baby had no arms and she felt helpless.  there wasn’t even any hot water for a warm shower, but she forced herself to have a cold shower with her weak and feeble postpartum body.

i am sure many questions would have run through her mind, or maybe just numbness.  but i shan’t ask as i am sure that time would have been one of her darkest moments.

but the day my mother got to go home with me gave her joy, hope and love.  light overcame darkness that day as she charged forward with faith that this child would not be anything less, but more than anything.

while my mother has been at home with us for the past few weeks, helping me recover, heal and adjust to being a new mother again, i have been immensely grateful for having such an extraordinary mother.

oh yes, God was right mum, only you could handle raising a daughter like me 😉

and thanks to you, i have no fears about raising my three little ones because i have an incredible role model like you!

i love you….

© copyright 2016. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

[baby z holding onto my finger tightly as she sleeps]


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