true gifts from heaven….

© copyright 2016. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.our children are true gifts from heaven and each of them are loved like a treasure from His Kingdom – fearfully and wonderfully made all knit together in their mother’s womb and sometimes they come as precious angels; where so much love gets shared from the tears that are shed and then transformed into jewels reflecting light from heaven.

we are absolutely elated to announce that we just welcomed our first princess to our little family and feel extremely blessed.  i am so thankful for all your prayers and continuing support and love as i embark on this new adventure as a mum of three!

i know that God has entrusted me to be the mother of these three precious gifts so i have every confidence that this is going to be a journey filled with faith, hope and love – because without these gifts from heaven, how do we bring light into our broken world?

my prayer is that i raise my children to be like lighthouses that shine the light of life guided by the greatest love of all.© copyright 2016. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.


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