blessings in disguise….

i was asked today by a very sweet young student whether I had a religion.  i told her that I am Christian, but right now, my life is all about my relationship with God rather than just following a religion.

about 2 years ago, i started reading the bible from start to finish following the 90 day bible challenge to read the bible in 90 days.  ofcourse, being a tired mum of young kids and only having a few minutes to escape/hide in the bathroom to make time for myself, it took me not 90 days but 9 months to complete the challenge.  

in the end, it didn’t matter how long it was taking me to read the bible, but what was remarkable was the journey it took me on as i started reading the bible – not just reading the words, but reading each book of the bible intentionally, to hear what was being spoken to my heart.  it wasn’t easy to be quiet and still as i was in constant battles with my mind that kept trying to wander or procrastinate, but slowly and gradually, i began to understand more and more of who God truly is – how He is a living and loving God and how through Christ we get to have Him living and active inside us.  and i’m not saying that in a way to recite something that i’ve been brainwashed to say.  i mean, truly, my heart grew as i began to see things in His eyes.  i also began to see visions of my own purpose in life and how i could be used to bring light and light the way for others.

i learnt that God is not the one who brings us despair, pain and suffering (even though we often end up blaming Him), but He desperately wants to rescue us from this broken and fallen world.  He wants us all to step into our callings by lighting our torches to overcome the darkness of this world.  And it’s carrying out our destiny and freedom that the enemy is afraid of.  believe it or not, however you want to explain it, there is a dark thief that wants to take this away from us.  and he will deceive us with lies, pain and fear that bound us in chains of shame and unforgiveness.

growing up, i never really questioned why i was born this way or never thought to blame anyone.  i never even thought to ask my parents what had happened.  that is why, even to this day, when someone asks me “what happened to your arms?”, it seems like a very odd question to respond to.  because, the truth is, it was a miracle that happened not some awful tragedy that happened.  it was my parents’ faith and then my own growth in faith that answered that question for me early on, where i was able to see the blessing of my story – a story that has the power to change the world.  and for that, i can only be thankful.

if you are currently in a situation where you are asking yourself, “why me?”, then please give this thought a chance – if God is real, so real that He can miraculously transform tragedies into victories just like how Jesus’ death led to resurrection and new life, then surely, there is more to my life that i do not see?

what miracles am i missing because i do not see or understand my blessings in disguise?

© copyright 2016. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.


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