what is quality of life?

only when i entered the journey of motherhood, did i realise the immeasurable value of new life – it is a miracle not to be taken for granted, but to be received graciously as a gift from God.

numerous times have i wondered how my parents must have felt the moment i was born – the moment that would change their lives forever – a moment they never even imagined could happen to them because it was so far from the picture perfect one.  their baby was not perfect.  the moment i entered the world, there were no ten little fingers to confirm that their baby was “perfect”.  however, in the midst of their lives being turned upside down, my parents experienced the miracle of faith, hope and love that would become the foundation of my extraordinary life.

with all the current medical advancements in being able to detect abnormalities of the fetus from early on in the pregnancy, i often wonder… if my parents had known that i was going to be born different, then would this have changed the way they loved me?  would they have been pressured to question the quality of life i would have and would they have been pushed to consider termination?

the more and more i think about it, i am reminded of my parents’ great courage and faith, which i am immensely grateful for.

every life is a gift 


what defines the quality of life is not dependent on what makes one “acceptable” to the world, but it is dependent on pure love that accepts all even if it makes you an outsider…


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