painting with girl scout daisies…

today i had the opportunity to paint with 14 kindergarten girl scout daisies at a local elementary school…

i was able to share that we are all unique and it is our differences that make us special. We all have gifts and talents (and we are a gift) that can make a difference in each other’s lives so we must respect and love one another.

then the girls (including one of their troop leaders!) all took up the challenge of painting with their toes and had a blast painting their daisy troop banner with me.  the girls fully embraced the experience and were able to achieve their “respect myself and others” petal (i.e. respect the way different people can do things).

the best part of sharing my gift with children is that i get to witness the magic that happens when their eyes sparkle as their perception about me shifts from their uncertain and fearful look of “oh, she’s different” to seeing the truth “wow, she’s extraordinary!”

my only hope is that they will always remember how we are all extraordinary and beautiful gifts that can change the world when we live in our true identity and purpose 😉


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