“gift of life”

© copyright 2015. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

“gift of life” painted by Rosie Jon | 12″ x 12″ Acrylics, acrylic inks, children’s crayons and mixed media

Every life is a gift

and the story of Christmas illustrates how precious the gift of life is.

Baby Jesus was not born in the perfect setting.  In fact, nobody even provided him a proper room to be born in and to top that he was faced with a death threat from the evil King Herod right after he was born.  He was born into a dark and imperfect world.

However, the Star of Bethlehem illustrates how in the midst of all the darkness, a little baby brought a light of hope, peace and love that would overcome all darkness.  This light had a holy message and held an eternal promise – and it wasn’t recognised by the most worthy or most perfect individuals, but by the most unlikely group of shepherds and wise men who were drawn to it and understood that this light was special and had great significance.

Jesus continues to shine this light through us.  We all have a light to shine as brightly as we can to guide people to His perfect love.

If we all recognise our lives as gifts and appreciate all the things that happen in our lives – good and bad, then the more we will live our lives purposefully and intentionally.  It is not just about what happens to me, but what God brings to others through my life.

Afterall, if we take the ‘I’ out of LIVE and bring the ‘O’ – oneness we have with God – it becomes LOVE.  The ultimate message of life is to love one another selflessly.

Good always triumphs over evil by the light that continues to shine and by how it overcomes the darkness that the enemy brings.  We have the power to change that by choosing to reignite hope and love and revive what the enemy tried to destroy.


This painting was created to honour the life of a courageous friend’s angel baby Everly #rememberingeverlyhope (click here to read her powerful story) – who’s light continues to touch others – and to celebrate the gift of a new life.

May we recognise what the true gift of Christmas is and choose to shine our light the way it was meant to shine.

Merry Christmas!


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