when the going gets tough….

© copyright 2015. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.I know things are never easy. Regardless of how strong or weak your faith is, there will always be times when things are too tough for you to endure and there will be times when the suffering is too much to bear.

But the one thing that I will refuse to give up is to keep praying.

If you’re ever having moments when you’re angry at God, it’s okay to tell him that you’re angry. I don’t have all the answers to life, but I do know that the truth is, He loves us dearly.  He wants us to release all our darkest fears and thoughts to Him and He will deliver us from it all.

Unfortunately, we live in a very broken world. The world we live in is full of pain and brokenness, but hear this, they are not from God.

Let’s think about our relationship with our children. We know that giving into everything our child wants, controlling all their decisions/outcomes/consequences or protecting them from any harm completely does not make us a good parent at all. Sometimes, we do need to let them fall and let them learn to get back on their feet. We also want our children to be a positive influence to the world we live in, be a light that shines and learn to live in peace and love with one another.

So now, imagine if you were God, wouldn’t you want your children to grow like a tree with deep roots that doesn’t wither and bears good fruit? or are you still asking, “If He’s really good, why does He still allow the pain and suffering to happen?”  Well, I believe that is why there is a Heaven.  The perfect place of paradise created by God, a place where He desperately wants us to be. But as humans, we are like seeds that need to be planted for our trees to grow and we are given one lifetime to learn how to truly love one another.

There are plenty of reasons why I could choose to be angry about my disability, especially because of how it affects my children too. People can be judgmental, unaccepting and unloving.  However, deep down I know that my suffering is what makes me grow and my brokenness becomes my blessing.

Whoever is reading this, I will be praying for your courage to believe in what’s impossible to believe. Because without belief, we cannot see the miracles that happen in our lives.

I want you to know that I feel your pain and I will always be praying for you.

I love you!

Perfectly Imperfect Lives


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