God’s Not Dead

© copyright 2015. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.
Actually, I took a great risk here because, first of all, I have never painted anything in such a large scale, let alone anything that makes a controversial statement on my own driveway.  The only artwork I have created on my driveway has been from the chalk drawings I do with my children – and this usually ranges from drawings of rainbows to cute illustrations of my children.

But today, when my heart tugged me to paint a vision of Jesus on the wet tarmac of my driveway with chalk, it could not be ignored.  To many, it won’t make sense why I would paint Jesus in the middle of my driveway because even I had no full understanding of why I was doing this to begin with either.  However, it was only after I completed the art that I, myself, was able to understand why this challenge was put on my heart.  It was a test of my…

Courage – it took courage to create this art that makes a bold statement of my faith.

Perseverance – it took perseverance for my toes to paint on the rough surface of the tarmac with the chalk that kept breaking apart and with the extra challenge of filming the whole process with my iphone held between my little arms.


Faith – it took faith to believe that I could do this and be confident and bold enough to share this with you all.

© copyright 2015. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

“God’s Not Dead” painted by the toes of Rosie Jon | chalk on tarmac

This is not easy for me (ahh!  I still have the final challenge of actually hitting the “Publish” button to make this blog post public).

And I know this image is not pretty.

At the very least, I hope that you will see it as a powerful image of my courage, perseverance and faith.

Remember, do not be afraid to be who you are – perfectly imperfect and fearfully and wonderfully made.

No matter what your faith and belief is, I am truly grateful that I get to share my gift with you all in the most incredible way….


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