faith, hope and love….

The world we live in is so imperfect and broken… natural disasters, terminal illnesses, acts of evil and heartbreaking stories everywhere around us illustrate the darkness that exists and how it tries to rob us of hope – by stealing and killing and destroying.

But what meaning do we make of this world?  do we live our lives being bitter and blaming someone else or do we try to live our lives believing in the power to change our world?

What if you can follow a path that promises a more hopeful meaning of life and be someone who can illuminate a light of faith, hope and love to others?

What kind of love do you believe in?  One that is eternally unconditional and forgiving?  One that promises a renewed mind, heart and spirit?  One that is the greatest love of all?© copyright 2015. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

As a parent, when our child is hurting, we want to take all of that pain away from them.  We want them to come into our arms so we can embrace them with our love.  We want to protect them and we want to heal them from their pain and suffering.

There were times in my life (especially the adolescent years), when I felt so alone with questions that I knew nobody could answer so I would pray tearfully in those moments.  But I don’t remember any time asking why I had no arms.  I guess I knew deep down in my heart that there was a greater purpose for me being born this way.  I just remember the many times I cried, “Dear God, please help me…”

All I can say is that in those painful moments I realised that I was not completely alone.  When everything seemed dark around me, as I closed my eyes tightly, I saw the light of hope and felt a warm blanket of love cover me up.

That is what faith, hope and love mean to me.  It is not about religion.  It is not about living the perfect life as a believer.  Simply, it is a choice I make daily to live my life with the belief that I have a light inside me that has the power to change the world by how brightly it shines – one that illuminates a light of faith, hope and love to others….


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