my birthday…

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For most of us, our birthdays are our favourite time of the year to celebrate ourselves. However, for me, I cannot help but think deeply about my actual “birth” day.  What should’ve been the happiest day of my parents’ lives became a day that turned their lives literally upside down the moment I was born.

My parents had no idea they were going to have a baby without arms.  I came into the world with this complete surprise that would change their lives forever. But the biggest miracle of my “birth” day was my parents’ faith and love. They never stopped praying for me from the moment I was born and they never stopped believing.

So, for that reason, instead of celebrating “me” on my birthday, I would like to thank my parents for their incredible courage and love to raise me to be the person I am today – extraordinary, beautiful and living my dream.

To this day, I still remember my love for chocolate cake as a young child and how I would quickly lick the outside of the cake when no-one was looking – probably because my first birthday cake was a chocolate one and I knew then that I was the happiest and most special child in the whole world!

I love you umma and appa!


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