knocked down

… Yes, I literally got knocked down this past weekend.

After getting myself into a nasty cycling accident, for the first time in a long time I feel “officially disabled” now that I have limited usage of my right leg. Thankfully, no bones were harmed so I do feel very fortunate that my injury wasn’t anything too serious.

Anyway, the reason why I am talking about this is not to gain sympathy, but to show you how my life is totally imperfect and some days I do get knocked down with painful wounds (mentally and physically). And although I put up a brave face almost all the time, you know what? Some days just don’t go the way I’d want it to. Some days are just not the way I expected it to be… and some days I just wish the world was a little more friendly towards people like me and Maddie.

But the key thing is, no matter how hard I may be knocked down, it doesn’t stop me from getting back on my feet with greater determination and strength. And there is no way I can blame God for anything because I believe in a supernatural power that ensures “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” [Philippians 4:13] 

That belief alone just gives me this super power upgrade in knowing that “nothing will be impossible” for me [Matthew 17:20] .

Maybe there will come a day when people will appreciate everything/everyone as a gift from God. And it really doesn’t matter what wrapping paper we come in. Afterall, we all throw away the wrapping paper in the end so it really doesn’t matter whether your gift comes with the perfect wrapping paper or not.

Yes, there will be times when little Maddie will wish she had arms like everybody else. But she’ll soon realise – like I did – that we have a greater power to change the world and make a difference! And oh~ yes we can!

– from Perfectly Imperfect Lives


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