© copyright 2015. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

“butterfly” painted by Rosie Jon (featuring hand-drawn lines by preschool class) | Acrylics, acrylic inks and mixed media on paper

This morning i had the pleasure of creating art with an inquisitive yet a very special group of 3-5yr old preschoolers!

hand-drawn lines by preschool class

First, I invited each child to draw a line (as freely as they wished) on the canvas. Each child picked a crayon and drew their own line.  We were able to see that each line was different and no two lines were the same, but they were each special and unique.  Then I was able to demonstrate how a beautiful new creation is made out of these lines as a butterfly emerged from the painting.

We are just like these lines, not completely perfect, but each and every one of us is beautiful and we can all be transformed into a new creation just like how a butterfly emerges into the light from the darkness of being inside a chrysalis.


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