look who’s got a new ride!

© copyright 2015. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

For weeks, my 6yr old has been begging us to let him cycle to the beach so my husband got himself a bike and decided he would make his wish come true.  But I had to stop them and go, “Hang on… what about me?  I want to join this cycling adventure!”

To which, my 6yr old responded, “But mamma… you can’t ride a bike, you have no hands!”

So… of course, the next thing that happened was, I went ahead and got myself a bike (thanks to cycle dynamics)!

And as soon as my bike arrived home, we cycled 5 miles to the beach and back as a family for the first time!  (I even rewarded myself with a lobster roll at the beach :P)

Once my 6yr old saw me cycling around on my new bike, he was so happy and proud.  He even went to bed that night with a big smile saying, “Thank you daddy for getting mamma a bike.”

Anyway, I haven’t cycled since childhood so I might become a road killer *, but this is so cool i get to ride with the wind~!

* i promise i won’t harm anything other than people’s definition of “i can’t”


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