a letter to a mother expecting the unexpected….

After thinking about all the fears that my dear friend heather faced while pregnant with maddie, it made me think about my own mother and all the other mothers out there who are expecting babies. Every mother dreams of meeting their perfect little bundle of joy at the end of their pregnancy, but to have a baby that the world views as not “perfect” or a baby that will be questioned for termination – is simply, unexpected.  It made me wonder, if – during the time that i was in my mother’s womb – i had any way of communicating to my mother that everything was going to be okay, what would I have told her?  So, here is a letter I wrote with this idea in mind….

Dear mamma,

As I lay inside the warm womb of your body,
listening to your heartbeat has become a sweet lullaby to my little ears.
I tug on my umbilical cord and am reassured by this life line that connects me to you.
I rest in peace just knowing that I am with you always and that nothing can separate me from you.
Mamma, there is just one surprise though,
I am not how you will expect me to be,
let alone how the rest of the world will expect me to be.
But fear not mamma,
I was fearfully and wonderfully made.
My creator has told me that I am His masterpiece.
I will be born with a purpose
and with a greater plan than anyone can ever imagine –
to change the world and to make it a better place.
I can’t promise you that our journey together will be easy,
but I can promise you that it will be an adventure and a battle that we will conquer together!
You are beautiful too mamma.
Nothing in the world can separate us from the love that knitted me together in your womb from the very beginning.
I love you just the way you are
and I know that you’ll love me just the way I am too….


your perfectly imperfect baby xx

Perfectly Imperfect Lives


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