my greatest blessing….

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I remember someone once asked me, “do you wish you had arms?”
It got me thinking…. sure, it would make my life easier in some aspects, but that would not make me special at all – it would mean changing myself from being a unique individual to being just “normal”.

For most of my early childhood, I grew up believing that I was a very special child.  I had a “spunk” in me that probably drove my parents bonkers all the time, but I had faith that I was born for a greater purpose. I had this certainty that there existed a great big plan for me. 

I also took a great kick out of showing off to people how I could do more than what they expected me to be able to do.  I know, I know, my poor parents…

When I was about eight, I remember trying to show off that I could ride my bike hands-free. As I sped down a hill, I let go of the handle bar and exclaimed “Look at me, look at me!”  Then the next thing I noticed was a car that was approaching me.  In that split second I let myself hit the curb to avoid hitting the car and flew off my bike. Ofcourse, I was too embarrassed to think about the pain and got up on my feet right away! I told the stunned driver that I was ok, picked up my bike and ran away from the scene as quickly as I could.  After that, I learnt my lesson NOT to show off (just not when riding my bike, ha!)

The reason why I am sharing this story is that I just wanted to show you how my little eight year old self was not afraid of any limitation of my abilities. It was the opposite, I had full confidence that there was nothing impossible for me to achieve. 

Quite often, we live our lives with a lot of “I can’t”s and let fear get in the way of the freedom and joy that can be given to us. But the truth is, we are to embrace our lives as purposeful gifts from God.

So going back to the question at the beginning…. do I wish for arms?

Not at all…

in fact, having been born completely unique and fearfully and wonderfully made as God’s masterpiece is my life’s greatest blessing!

– from Perfectly Imperfect Lives


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