i am a daughter of the King….

have you ever dreamt of being a princess?


when i was 12yrs old, i had the honour of meeting the late princess diana and was chosen to present her a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the school. I still remember the butterflies I felt in my stomach as I rehearsed over and over again to greet the princess with the best curtsy and perfectly performed line, “We would like to present you some flowers”. But even at such a young age, I remember seeing sadness in her eyes and I could sense her tragic unhappiness.


It just shows that being a royal does not automatically make you the princess with the perfect love story.  I believe in what scripture says, that living your life with faith in Christ makes you a true princess with a heart that is filled with perfect love.  You don’t have to live in despair, but with faith, hope and love in knowing who you truly are – a daughter and a princess of God’s Kingdom.


– the day rosie met #princessdiana


Galatians 3:26

“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith”


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