teachers of enlightenment….

i believe teachers are in a privileged position to change a generation of minds to think differently and to make a difference in the world.

© copyright 2014. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

illustrated by Rosie Jon | http://www.rosiejon.com

when i was young (ever since i watched the academy awards ceremony on tv), i used to rehearse my own thank you speech, dreaming that one day it would be me on that stage in front of millions around the world watching me and waiting to hear my thank you speech.  i always knew that i would want to thank all my teachers so i could pay them back for the role they played in getting me to where i was.

throughout my life, i have had many teachers who have left significant imprints in my path of life.  And with thanksgiving coming up, i would like to take an opportunity to thank the following teachers in my life, some who were even blessings in disguise.  i think after overcoming many struggles, i have come to realise that even in the midst of those times, it was an invaluable opportunity to learn and gain wisdom about life.

so my thanks go to the following teachers in my life…

1. my parents – i do not even think there are words to describe how great my parents did to teach me and my siblings the true meaning of unconditional love.  my in-laws also inspire me to express love with the warmest hugs.

2. my pediatric doctors and OT during my childhood – thank you for answering questions, teaching me the skills to be independent and encouraging me to think of new ways to accomplish everyday tasks.

3. my ballet teacher when i was 4yrs old – taught me what it meant to feel “unjust” when she told me to sit and watch a dance routine without giving me a chance to try just because there were arm/hand movements involved.

4. my primary school teachers at seoul british school – these teachers had so much faith in me and were always full of praise for the artwork i did in my school work, even if it was not for art class.  i loved any opportunity to be creative and my teachers never stopped encouraging me to draw, even if it was for a science diagram.

5. my middle school teachers at seoul foreign school – what amazing faithful teachers i had, who believed that i had the potential to achieve so much more and who were always there for me as a true friend, especially during a tough period of time known as adolescence.

6. my senior school teachers at notre dame senior school – their full support and guidance allowed me to stay focused and determined on my path to higher education.

7. Dr. Priestley at St Anne’s College, Oxford University – this is one person i feel that i need to name and release here. because if it wasn’t for her discrimination and questioning me on how i believed i could overcome my disability, i do not think i would have been fired up enough to find my true identity to rise above all that so i am thankful.

8. my professors, lecturers and disability officer (ms loretto o’callgahan – i am deeply saddened to have just learnt of her passing) at imperial college – just the amazing way they accepted me and supported me as a valued and worthy student of their institution was just life-changing.  i will forever be grateful for my time at imperial!

9. my bosses and teammates during my career in the visual effects industry – not only were they my mentors and friends, they marked the high standard of creativity that i continuously aspire to.

10. my spiritual sisters and teachers – words cannot express how much i’ve grown and matured in my faith just by having you all in my life and i am so blessed and thankful.

And to everyone who stands by me, thank you!  As i continue my creative journey, i am sure many more great teachers will be put into my path, but there is no doubt that i have the greatest teacher guiding my path of light.


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