“Universal Truth”

Over the summer, my dear friend and sister, K, graciously offered her four-season-sunroom for me to do some painting on a cloudy, overcast day. She was able to film me paint.

As I was painting the face of our creator appearing through the universe, something supernatural happened. Despite the fact that there was no change in the lighting in the room, the camera was able to pick up a sudden change in lighting that happens at around 1:48 in the video footage below. The light around the canvas starts to glow and although there could be scientific explanations as to how this happened, we think it’s pretty cool that this change in lighting only happened while I was painting the face. Also, K was unable to re-capture this “glow” anywhere else. Trust me, she tried!

Knowing how big and great our universe is, surely there is something greater and infinitely bigger; and above all the stars and galaxies, there is a greater truth. A truth that is revealed to us by just believing. No, I’m not talking about aliens, but I’m talking about the mastermind behind all this greatness, one who wants us to know how much He loves us. That is the “Universal Truth”.

Do you believe in supernatural occurrences?


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