“Mother and Baby”

Back in May, I had a special opportunity to paint for 40 or so mothers as part of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

Up until a few minutes before I had to share my testimony and paint, I was still unclear what I would paint. Weeks prior to this day, “mother and baby” was the theme that came up on my mind, but I thought that would be too cliche. Plus, there are tons of other great paintings of that theme out there so I kept denying that thought. Then on the night before, as I tucked my 5-year-old O to bed, I asked him, “What should mamma paint?”
To which he confidently responded, “You, mamma!!”
As sweet as it was to hear this, I couldn’t help but think, “No way am I going to paint myself, this is not going to be about me!”

So on the morning of the event, as I felt butterflies in my stomach, I went into the sanctuary of the church venue to find a quiet moment for myself.
I asked God, “Okay, I am ready… please show me the vision you want me to paint”.  That’s when I saw an image of a mother and baby, an image that looked all too familiar. It was the image of the first “selfie” photo I took with my baby L. After all that denying, there was no way I could deny it anymore; and it was now clear to me that this was what I needed to paint in front of all those mothers. Thus, the self-portrait with baby L was created as shown in the video above, which was an image that all the mothers could relate to and they were deeply touched by it.

As a mother of two young boys, the challenges of motherhood are not always easy to overcome. But there is great joy in knowing that as God’s children, we are never a failure and my children are in His hands, not mine.

Of course, not every day is perfect. And I certainly am not the perfect parent and nor do I expect my children to be perfect. I pray that my children will follow the path God has set for them with great confidence and courage to inspire others to act with love, to love one another and share the love they have experienced and inspire others to accept one another just as they were designed to be. I want them to not be afraid to be who they are, to see the beauty within themselves and know wholeheartedly that they are God’s masterpiece. Rather than trying to be ordinary, I hope that they too will strive to be extraordinary in everything they do.

© copyright 2014. Rosie Jon . All Rights Reserved.

“Mother and Baby” painted by Rosie Jon | 24″ x 20″ Acrylics and mixed media


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